In falling to 0-7, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are an abject failure with issues nearly across the board. Atop that list is the coaching situation.

To say that head coach Greg Schiano is embattled is to say that Congress has an image problem. When the streets of Tampa are lined with "Fire Schiano" signs and the defensive coordinator is inviting fans into meetings rooms for game-planning sessions, the brakes on the car have been cut and it's a fast trip downhill.

After Thursday night's loss to the Carolina Panthers, several Buccaneers players were asked about the state of the team. Perhaps the most interesting response came from cornerback Darrelle Revis, who clearly thought he was joining a contender in Tampa.

Revis was asked if he thought the younger Bucs players still believed in the coaching staff. His first three words, via, which were repeated once, are telling:

“I don’t know. I don’t know.” Revis said. “You know, we got a game plan every week. We gotta stick to the gameplan. We gotta abide by the gameplan and what we’re trying to do to win. I don’t think guys are literally going out there and trying to do their own thing. You know, in every game there are mistakes up and down the board. You know, the word that we have to get to and we have to focus on is consistency. That’s all. And at this point, that’s a hard word for us to try to do, to try to do that, to be consistent.”

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