Woman Returns From Vacation To Find Strangers Living In Her House

Katherine Lang pulled into the driveway of her newly purchased home after a 10-day vacation and quickly realized something was amiss. The door to her shed was open and filled with items she didn't own, and two strange women were inside talking. According to the Beaufort Gazette Lang walked into her home and demanded to know what the two were doing in her home. The women claimed they had a lease and were the new tenants. Lang quickly realized what happened. The tenants had been scammed. 

Lang bought the home back in October, but was not living there at the time. She was staying in her old home until she could sell it. While the house was unattended, somebody created an advertisement for the newly renovated home, which even listed the house as furnished with items Lang had brought over. 

The victim, 22-year-old Tyggra Shepherd, saw the post and wired $1,150 to the scammers. She was originally told the keys would be mailed to her, but they never came. The 'landlord" claimed the delivery person who had the keys was arrested, but told Sheppherd the backdoor was open so she could start moving in. 

The women were able to come to an agreement about when Shepherd would move out. Lang said once Shepherd  moves out, she plans to move into her new home, regardless of if her old home has sold. 

Photo: Getty Images


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