Bruce Arians Says He Has Called Two NFL Teams to Endorse Jameis Winston

Rich Eisen: “What would you tell a team who knocks on the door maybe to you about Jameis if they’re interested in his services?”
Bruce Arians: “I’ve called a couple teams. You’re going to get one of the hardest workers you’ve ever had and a great young man. It didn’t work out for us only because Tom Brady was available and we had Teddy Bridgewater if that hadn’t of worked out. We were going full steam ahead back with Jameis. He’s a great young man and no one is going to outwork him.”
Eisen: “So you lifted the phone to call people?”
Arians: “Yes, I’ve talked to two teams."
Eisen: “What do you sense the level of interest is for him? As a starter?”
Arians: “No I think it was just to get him on your roster. It would be a great fit. One team was not interested and the other was ‘hey, thank you for calling.’" (Full Interview Above)

Listen to Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians discuss with Rich Eisen the NFL future of Jameis Winston, as the now-former starting QB for the Buccaneers has met a crossroads for his career with the team signing six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

Winston still remains a free agent and it is unclear where the 2019 passing yards champion will land.

Check out the interview above as Arians details that he has picked up on the phone and called two teams on Winston’s behalf.