Fear Developing that COVID-19 Will Get College Football Season Cancelled

Rich Eisen: “In terms of college football, what is this upcoming season looking like?”
Brett McMurphy: “I reached out to all 130 athletic directors in which 112 responded, and I basically said ‘how optimistic are you that a season will be played this year?’ This was over the week so the results have probably changed for the worst. About 1/5th of the AD’s think that there is a very real possibility that we may not have a football season this year… The thoughts they had if they were to be out on football varied from ‘we will be out of business’, it will be devastating, and one AD simply said ‘we will be f*****' and that the non-Olympic sports could be eliminated.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to college football insider Brett McMurphy join The Rich Eisen Show to discuss a recent poll he conducted of 112 athletic directors at FBS football schools that produced a good about of doubt behind the upcoming college football season potentially being cancelled because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has put all sports on the backburner.

Check out the interview above as McMurphy details why there is a huge fear that college football is going to be affected a lot more than the NFL will be if a season is cancelled, and how it’s hard to ask student-athletes to risk their wellbeing.