Rex Chapman Details His Rise From Drug Addiction to Social Media Stardom

Listen to former NBA player Rex Chapman join The Rich Eisen Show to describe his metaphoric rise from drug rehab in 2014 to social media phenomenon in 2020.

His millennial Twitter following might be completely unaware that at one point Chapman was one of the better guards in the NBA during the 1990’s, averaging 14.6 points in 13 seasons with the Charlotte Hornets, Washington Bullets, Miami Heat, and Phoenix Suns, as a flashy playmaker and clutch perimeter shooter who could also could throw down monstrous dunks.

Even though Chapman hasn’t appeared in an NBA game since 2000, Chapman is one of the most prominent names in basketball today, as his ‘Block or Charge?’ captioned videos have become viral sensations the last few years.

The videos are sent to Chapman and feature the notorious ‘BLOCK OR CHARGE?’ tagline linked to blooper videos where the unlucky victims usually suffer particularly excruciating collisions with inanimate objects.

They’re the type of slapstick humor that’s hard to not chuckle at when thousands of Twitter users then comment on whether they believe a 300-year-old oak tree had position before a man from the Bayou tried to jump a muddy river gap on his three-wheeler like Evel Knievel, but instead barrels into wooden goliath. BLOCK OR CHARGE?!

Chapman’s blossoming Twitter fame is a far cry from his not-so-distant past as a prescription drug abuser, as Chapman, now 52-years-old, was at one point entered into a rehab center in Louisville, KY battling opioid addiction.

Check out the fascinating interview above.