Las Vegas Raiders' New Stadium Passes The 'Super Flush' Test

Allegiant Stadium, the brand new home of the Las Vegas Raiders, has passed the "super flush" test. To make sure the venue's plumbing system can handle the 65,000 fans that will fill the stadium, workers turned on all the sinks in the stadium and started flushing every one of the 1,430 toilets and urinals in the stadium's 297 bathrooms.

"We don't ever want there to be 60,000 to 70,000 people in the building, and the plumbing system fails us during one of those events," Julie Amacker, the director of project manager CAA Icon, said in a video posted on the Raiders' YouTube page. "This is one of the last boxes to check that says we're ready to accept guests."

Construction of the $2 billion stadium, which is just off the Las Vegas Strip, is scheduled to be finished by July 31. It is unknown when fans will get to step inside for a game because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The NFL is hopeful that spectators will be able to attend games at some point during the 2020 season, but so far, no determination has been made about whether or not fans will be allowed to watch games in person.

Photo: Getty Images