Elaine Lucas - Macon-Bibb County Commissioner

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Elaine Lucas

Position: Macon-Bibb County Commissioner

Years in service: More than 30 years in elected office

Years in Middle Georgia: Born and raised in Macon-Bibb County

What are your goals?

“My goal has always been to work to provide a seat at the table for the underserved, and so I always felt like I needed to respond to service requests, especially in those areas that were underserved. I want to make sure that our recreation plan is fully implemented and all of those projects that have not been finished, that they will be finished because I’m term limited. So, I will be coming off in four years. This is my last (term) serving.

“I want to make sure that I give my support to the community prevention programs that are implemented in the community to start helping to save children…. I also want to make sure that Macon continues the trend toward financial security and financial solvency so that we continue with our promises to not raise taxes, keep them in reasonable range.

“I want to continue the efforts to clean up sections of Macon that have been neglected for so long, including sections in the district that I represent.”

Who inspires you?

“My husband (David Lucas) really does inspire me. He has been an elected official for 45 years. He was elected before we got married, and I’ve seen him tackle some really tough issues in the community…. He really has inspired me over the years. He’s been my support system, and he is very unselfish in his service. He serves whomever it is who calls him.

“My parents really inspired me as well and taught me to be tough and taught me to look out for people because everybody doesn’t have the courage to speak up on their own behalf. Being in the position that I’m in, they taught me and David says, my husband, says as well, that a lot of people just don’t feel comfortable advocating for themselves. So, since you’re in a position to help people, people have trusted you as an elected official for almost 30 years, and so, you’re in a position to give back. I’ve always tried to tackle the tough issues and give back to people, in other words, to be their seat at the table and their voice.”

What is your hope for Middle Georgia?

“My hopes are that we will realize our potential, that we will start working together a little bit more and that we will make sure that all resources are spread over the entire community so that everybody benefits from their tax dollars.

“I want to make sure that we have a system in place and leadership in place that looks at all of Macon equally and disperses resources all over this community based on need and also based on the fact that we value all of our citizens.”

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